Dogs and Family

September 6, 2015 Barb and I had a wonderful little encounter the other day.  We had to go shopping and as we approached the car, Barb said, “Do you want me to drive or do you want to drive?”  Now we have a history of both wanting to drive and it is a little competition …

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Give Me That Old Time Religion

August 30, 2015 What is old time religion to you?  Several years ago we celebrated the 175th anniversary of Duff’s Presbyterian Church, the church I served for the last 14 years.  We all dressed up in late 19th century clothing.  I used a picture of the minister at the time – and I preached on …

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I See You

August 23, 2015 Yesterday I spent time with my three year old grandson, Keegan, at Centre Island and we had a wonderful day, lots of beautiful memories and on our way home, as we were walking through Yorkdale Mall towards the spot we had parked the car … Sermons 2015 – I See You

The Library

August 16, 2015 Barb and I just returned from vacation at the cottage; a wonderful time full of memories.  We added to the library of memories of our grandson Keegan, who spent the better part of a week with us.  We have a “lily pad” at the cottage which is basically a 6 feet wide …

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The Power of Story

July 19, 2015 Every Sunday a church school teacher would tell the children about stories of the Bible, stories of the people of Israel.  One day a little boy raised his hand and said, “Teacher, can I ask you a question?”  Of course, the teacher said.  “Well, the boy replied, “the Bible says that the …

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July 12, 2015 The Pan Am and Para Pan Am Games started here in the GTA this past Friday and it began with some introductions to the various athletes themselves – who to watch for, what to expect especially from the Canadians.  And so we have begun to get to know athletes like Janine Beckie …

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Not My Problem

July 5, 2015 Barb and I went to see the movie Inside Out by Pixar.  Its  the one that has to do with emotions – five basic emotions we all have as human beings – joy, sadness, disgust, fear and anger.  It actually was very well done and would be a wonderful discussion starter on …

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A Radical Leaning

June 28, 2015 A little girl asked her mother, “Where did people come from?”  Her mother answered,  “God made Adam and Eve and they had children and that’s how all humankind was made.” A couple of days later she asked her father the same question.  The father answered, “Many years ago there were monkeys, which …

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Let’s Go Boating

June 21, 2015 How many of you enjoy boating?  I invite you to think about mishaps, misadventures you may have had falling out of boats, tipping over canoes, etc.  I know I have had my share … Sermons 2015 – Let’s Go Boating