War Stories

On Remembrance Day Marty’s sermon talked about what do you do when war comes home and invades your house.

What is the good news?”

Where is the good news?  Do you find it at your family dining table?  Do you experience it through family?  This is only one small part of a much larger story. 18-09-30_What is the Good News

My Time, My Festival

This Sunday is a special service where we will recognize and celebrate the 1-year anniversary of our UPC Chinese congregation and the 34th anniversary of our UPC English speaking congregation.  We will gather in a spirit of joy and gratitude for the strong relationships, for the building of new relationships and for the presence of …

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Practicing Love

We continue to look at traits of a Christian, this Sunday, focusing on this simple yet so complex thing we call love.  Love is at the heart of God, we say.  Love is the commandment Jesus gives, we are told.  Loving will make your heart full of joy, we are encouraged.  Yet love is hard.  …

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What is Faith

What is faith?  Is it an intellectual position? Is it a set of creeds? Is it what we believe? Is it a way of viewing life? Is it something we create? Is it our response to God? Is it a way of being? This Sunday we continue to explore traits of Christians by looking at …

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On Earth

June 24, 2018 Jesus was not a Christian.  He was a Jew, indeed a multi ethnic baby with a vision for God’s people to live in harmony.  Our Father, he prayed, give us this day our daily bread.  He was a revolutionary—give us what we need to survive.  We will explore these themes with respect …

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Daily Rehearsals

June 17, 2018 The book of Revelation is perhaps one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible. Yet it is  a book of incredible hope and promise for the future.  But, how does the future become realized?  How do we get past the trials and tribulations that life throws at us? By daily rehearsals.  …

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Come Closer

The story of Joseph is one of restoration to his estranged family.  It is also a story of privilege – of having everything we need, or think we need.  In the story, Joseph is surprised, shocked even at his own reaction when his brothers come to see him in Egypt.  We will journey with Joseph …

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The Advocate

The Spirit is with us – the Advocate who enables us, encourages us, supports us, goads us to be advocates for those who are most in need.  To be an advocate is to be called into action. Marty relates his experience on being in Washington, DC where 2500-3500 ministers who participated in a march to …

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Healing Grace

Like ice and water and steam are the same chemical formula, God and Jesus and the Spirit are of the same substance: that is the mystery of the Trinity. It is God who gives us our many different gifts, and it is God who calls us to use those gifts to equip the saints for …

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