Fundraising for UPC Programs

Fundraising is an important part of making sure we meet the ongoing costs associated with providing the programs, worship and care to our community and beyond. Our many “sprint” leaders are joined by a broad number of congregation members and the fundraising often becomes a time of fellowship also.  Here are some of the activities we enjoy:

  • Children’s Church School Easter Bake Sale
  • Markham Lions Club Dinner
  • Robbie Burns Dinner
  • Mistletoe Market
  • Soup of the month

Each of these activities have leaders and a team of people behind them who make it happen. We are grateful to EVERYONE who gives of their time and talents.

We would love to see more people involved. If you have time to lead, or just get involved, we would love to hear from you.

We also welcome suggestions, ideas and comments about new or different way to raise funds and engage the community around us.