The Advocate

The Spirit is with us – the Advocate who enables us, encourages us, supports us, goads us to be advocates for those who are most in need.  To be an advocate is to be called into action. Marty relates his experience on being in Washington, DC where 2500-3500 ministers who participated in a march to …

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Healing Grace

Like ice and water and steam are the same chemical formula, God and Jesus and the Spirit are of the same substance: that is the mystery of the Trinity. It is God who gives us our many different gifts, and it is God who calls us to use those gifts to equip the saints for …

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Sex and the Bible, part 1

Introduction to the Scripture Readings: Reader beware. The Bible is sometimes presented in black and white. The Word of God is Christ; not the literal bible. Take the culture of the time into context plus the difficulties in translation. Concepts today are not the same concepts or thinking patterns of years thinking patterns of years …

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Memorial service

October 25, 2015 On this Sunday here at UPC we celebrated the first annual memorial service.  It was a time of sacred memory.  We listened to stories of people who have passed away.  We lit candles in their memory.  We observed times of silence and also listened to powerful music offered by our Choir Director, …

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Letting Go

October 18, 2015 I love the game of golf.  And I understand it a little.  Don’t play it well, but I understand it – little white ball, 18 holes.  Object is to get that little white ball into the cup 18 times taking as few strokes as possible … Sermons 2015 – Letting Go

Thank You

October 11, 2015 I did a funeral yesterday for a man who reminded me of my dad – a very, very stubborn man.  You see, as much as I love my dad, there are times when he drives me crazy.  He is so stubborn.  And there are times that my wife, Barb, in exasperation says …

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Jesus’ Response to Arrogance

October 4, 2015 We often leave it to the comedians to talk about those issues that are hard for us to talk about in ‘polite’ conversation.  Things like religion and politics and within the Christian church, the topic of divorce … Sermons 2015 – Jesus’ Response to Arrogance


September 27, 2015 Science shows us that people who live together begin to look like each other.  Perhaps there is a connection between us as human beings we don’t really understand … Sermons 2015 – Connectedness