Power of Prayer by Dan O.

Dan’s story on the power of prayer, “Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be your name.” When we pray we show faith as Christians.  We are taught to pray for our family, friends, ourselves, strangers, even our enemies. My first heart attack in August 2013 was sudden.  I didn’t have time to pray.  I was rushed …

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A Radical Leaning

June 28, 2015 A little girl asked her mother, “Where did people come from?”  Her mother answered,  “God made Adam and Eve and they had children and that’s how all humankind was made.” A couple of days later she asked her father the same question.  The father answered, “Many years ago there were monkeys, which …

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Let’s Go Boating

June 21, 2015 How many of you enjoy boating?  I invite you to think about mishaps, misadventures you may have had falling out of boats, tipping over canoes, etc.  I know I have had my share … Sermons 2015 – Let’s Go Boating