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**DoodleMatic – Mobile Game Maker**

(Please note: This toy requires iOS device)
Amaze your friends and family by turning your hand drawings into playable video games!

Retail Price:$40
Opening Bid: $15
Minimum bid increment: $2
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DoodleMatic brings family and friends together with hands on creativity and family fun! Through our simple, easy to read guides you will learn many game design concepts used by professionals around the world. With dozens of example games and thoughtful challenges, learning game design has never been more fun! The accompanying DoodleMatic app will bring your drawings to life so you can play the games you draw directly on your iOS device! Share your creations with your friends on the web and be the best game designer in town. It’s time to Draw, Snap, Play!
■ Make games: DoodleMatic lets you instantly create games from drawings, with multiple game modes that encourage prototyping and iteration. DoodleMatic is the best rapid prototyping tool on the planet.
■ Any age: From the youngest game fans turning color-coded drawings into playable levels through complex Photoshop-created illustrations, students from Kindergarten through High School (and beyond!) use DoodleMatic in many different ways.
■ Reinforcement and Rewards: Connect classroom success with game design, reinforcing reading and writing by accompanying games with stories.
■ Make learning fun: Turn your subject content into a game that students can play and learn from.

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