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**Hatching Dragon**

Your child will be amazed and amused when their favorite dragon from How to Train Your Dragon comes to life!

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To encourage baby Toothless to hatch, rock his egg back and forth to hear him growl; tap to hear him tap back; and shake and tilt the egg to get him aggravated.

Once he’s agitated enough, he’ll be ready to hatch! Establish your rider’s bond by placing your hands on his head, then teach him how to fly and plasma blast! As you guide Toothless through the sky, his ears move and wings flap, and he lets out dragon roars! Charge up the plasma blast by holding his belly, and let go to release – his mouth glows as he charges and blasts. If Hatching Toothless gets hungry, feed him with his fish accessory. Ask him questions and he’ll respond with head and wing movements, and lights and sounds; see who wins in a roaring competition; and play music to see him rock back and forth to the beat! At the end of an action-packed day, place your baby Toothless back into the egg base for a dragon nap.
Recommended for Ages 5+
Online Review Comments:
This Hatching Toothless is just amazing ! There are so much ways to play with it (6 ways)! Toothless makes super cute sounds and actions that any kids or HTTYD fans will love ! I highly recommend buying it.”
“I got this hatching toothless for my son’s seventh birthday and he just loves his little friend. After removing the pins from the bottom of the egg, Toothless starts making noise. He responds to your touches on the egg. You tap then he taps back, you shake him then he gets mad, you cuddle him and he makes cute noises. All the while, you can see his green eyes glowing through the egg. Suddenly he makes a motorized sound and he breaks through the top of the egg. The whole hatching process takes about ten minutes. Toothless has seven modes of play. In no particular order: roaring game, question and answer, dragon trainer, plasma blasting, repeating, dancing, and just regular interacting. You can switch between all of these modes by using a dial on the bottom of the dragon. All of which are fun and engaging.” 

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