Community Concern Over Use of UPC land

Over the last few weeks here at Unionville Community Church (UPC) we have received a few letters, a phone call and a couple of visits with respect to the future use of UPC land located here at 600 Village Parkway in Unionville. There have been some rumours that decisions have been made and that the church is ready to build a hospice on the land. We want you to know what we are doing and invite open conversation.

We do not have any plans to build a hospice. We were asked by a reporter about the use of the land back in June 2018, and in the reporter’s email was the question about a hospice or senior’s housing. At that time there had been some preliminary conversations about seniors housing on the property, initiated by an interested outside party. However, we are not following up on any of those conversations. If it is something that is viable and works for the community, we may review our decision in conjunction with wide community engagement.

Right now, we are working hard to be a community hub where needs of senior in the immediate area are met. We have working relationships with the following community organizations:

• World Parkinsons Program – through them we offer exercise classes for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease
• Chinese Family Services of Ontario – they offer a lunch and learn program as well as personal counselling for individuals and families for anyone from our community
• Evergreen Hospice – offers educational events and support for caregivers through UPC. We are also working with Evergreen on an initiative called “Compassionate Community”
• CHATS – has a monthly support group for caregivers who care from aging parents in their homes through UPC
• Family Services of York Region – a staff member offers support to the many Mandarin speaking seniors who gather at UPC weekly
• English as a Second Language – five different classes are offered at UPC on a weekly basis from September to December and then again from February to May
• Aids Committee of York Region – we offer the church space for their Holiday Dinner every year and also for any other workshop or event they would like to hold
• Weekly lunch and support group for seniors themselves – both in English and in Mandarin
• Weekly Mandarin choir
• Weekly Mandarin seniors gathering

All these activities make use of the skills and expertise of those who offer them. UPC is the host providing the meeting space and volunteers to support the work of each partner. It is our goal to create a hub of community support. As well, the costs of hosting these programs and activities is covered completely by UPC. We simply want to serve the community. We want to get back to the basics of the gospel – to love and care for our neighbour.

At UPC we want to be good neighbours. We take seriously the words of Jesus to care for and love our neighbour. As our sign says, “Live fully, care deeply, make a difference”. This is what we are trying to do.

I am very happy to meet with anyone in the community about this or any other topic that may be of mutual interest. Please feel free to connect with me through this website.

If you want to get involved, or support us in any way, we would love to hear from you.


Marty Molengraaf

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