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**Juno: My Baby Elephant Animatronic Pet**

Train, love and play with your very own baby elephant! With an astonishing animated trunk, floppy moving ears, highly expressive eyes, a wagging tail, plus interactive accessories, Juno comes alive!

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From the moment you switch Juno on, you’ll be amazed at this realistic baby elephant’s over 150 lifelike movements and sounds! As you interact and play with Juno, her silly personality will unfold. Using her cute peanut and mouse accessories, you can teach her special tricks and even play games together. Feed Juno her peanut and she may eat it or throw it; give her the toy mouse and she may swing it around as she sings sweet songs to it! The more you play with Juno, the more tricks and games she’ll reveal. With your help, Juno will learn how to eat peanuts, bow, play music with her trumpeting trunk, play peek-a-boo, dance and more! After a fun-filled day of play, fold Juno’s legs and cuddle with her – pet her trunk and she’ll even give you a kiss!
Recommended for Ages 5+
Online Review Comments
“If your kid likes animatronic animals I highly suggest this, I’m guessing this is going to be a popular toy this holiday because it is so cute. Juno will put herself to sleep when you don’t play with her…she covers her eyes with her ears. Very realistic looking, her eyes blink, her ears flap, her tail wiggles. Too cool.”
The commercial doesn’t do this little guy justice. It’s a lot cuter in person. The trunk looks like it has a mind of its own on tv but in reality it’s much more tame, while still being entertaining. The sounds it makes are pleasant, including little sweet songs. It’s really charming and seems to have a lot of different things it does to keep my child’s attention.”
“The interactive play reminds me of the Furbies that came out in the ‘90s. It does need AA batteries, but works great. The colors are bright and vivid and it came with a toy peanut and mouse. It takes a little bit of time to train the elephant, but the more you play with it then the more it learns and does. It is not as large as I expected which is great cause it is easy to store and travel with. The whole family has really enjoyed playing with Juno.”

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